9 Facts Must Know Before Travel to Egypt

9 Facts Must Know Before Travel to Egypt

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Let us supply you with some useful information and facts about Egypt and we hope to enjoy all your holiday in your second home"Egypt".

Where is Egypt located?

Egypt is 1.1 million Sq Km in Size, known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. Egypt is located north Africa and based on two continents Africa and Asia.Population according to last statistics 92 million,93% of the population occupies only 6% of the total surface of the country which is known as Nile Valley and Nile Delta which are suitable for sustaining life and agricultural and the rest of Egypt is Sahara; Western desert and eastern desert.Bedouins are living in the heart of the desert in small Oasis.
Cairo is the capital of Egypt and it was established 975 AD to be the capital of the Fatimid dynasty. Cairo is the second largest city in the Muslim world, Arab world and Africa.Cairo is a mixture between history as it contains pyramids and Memphis which was the oldest capital not only for Egypt but in man history. Also, you can see the Islamic style in mosques and Old Cairo, furthermore explore the European style in buildings downtown.Once you experience this strange and unique mix it will be easy to fall in love with that city.

River Nile

It's the longest river in the whole world, even it's longer than Amazon "the widest river".River Nile us 6675 Km"4250 miles", starts from lack Victoria and it runs from south to the north crossing 10 countries  Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and finally Egypt.River Nile is the main source of water for Egypt.The Greek historian Herodotus wrote,"Egypt is the gift of the Nile" which is totally true. The river is one of the main reason for ancient Egyptian civilisations, it provided a critical role in the development of Egyptian civilisation.Silt deposits from the Nile made the surrounding land fertile because the river overflowed its banks annually.
Also, this river is very famous because it's mentioned in the Bible as well as in Quran that Moses mother had hidden him as a baby and put in a basket in the river Nile.
1970 the Egyptian government completed building Aswan High Dam which ended the summer floods and the renewal of the fertile soil.there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of the High Dam which is 14 times bigger than the great pyramid.

Weather and climate

In general, it's hot and dry.In Summer, from May to September average temperature 37 C with extreme up to 48 C.Winter from November to February average temperature 15 C to 25 C.In the desert and mountain of Sinai are hotter and colder at night.
Rains in Egypt are very rare, except Alexandria in the north receives the most rain about 200 mm per year when Aswan in the south receives 5 mm in the last 5 years.


English pounds sterling, US Dollars, Euros are very easily exchanged from all banks in Egypt or at the airport or from your hotel.don't try to exchange in the street for any reason as it causes trouble because some notes are the similar but huge difference in value.


Egypt is a Muslim country as 90% of the Egyptian are Muslim and 10% are Coptic Christians.Egypt is considered to be a conservative country so if you are visiting A mosque or a Church you have to be covered and avoid short shirt.Tradition and customs in Egypt are different from the western world.


In Egypt, we drive on the right side, as traffic in Cairo is so hard, so, take care when crossing the roads.In case you take a taxi by yourself for any reason you have to decide the price before starting driving.


It's better to get your visa from your destination airport as it's usually cheaper than getting it in your country.Also, the change rate in Egypt for US Dollars, sterling or Euros is better than your country and very easy to change.

Food and drink

Simply when you visit Egypt, Don't drink the tap water at all because it's highly chlorinated, but it's okay and safe for shower or teeth brushing.It's strongly recommended for travellers to have mineral water with them all time.Note: the tap water is safe but your stomach is not used to the amount of chlorinated as well as the Egyptian not used to tap water in the UK.So, it's advisable to all travel to drink bottled water during the whole holiday in Egypt.
Also, we recommend eating many fresh fruit and vegetables.


It's the Egyptian culture to tip somebody who gave you a service as kind of appreciation.Tipping is an important issue for all the people who are working in tourism as it's considered to be on of important sources of their income.Also, you have to know that Tipping is not obligatory but if you want to show appreciation.